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False Virus Scam

Recently I have had a few computer repair clients who have been baited by false virus scams. The strange thing is at least one method the hackers use is what appears to be legitimate Facebook posts. You may or may not be able to avoid clicking on one of these posts/images, but what you do […]

Read On To See Why We Posted This Here …

Albeit it is true that this is a computer repair site and a really nice one if I may say so myself. Since I am the owner of it and the one who paid my webmaster to build it LOL. What you may not know is that I am also extremely blessed to be the […]

Why Our Clients Love Us

First and foremost, I want to give God Almighty the glory and honor for blessing me with this business. For giving me the technical skills, resourcefulness and the proper manners to take the best care of our clients. We’ve been doing this for a long time with a very high success rate and client satisfaction […]

Senior Citizens Love Us!

Absolute Computer Repair is located in Athens, TN. We serve this entire area here in Southeast Tennessee. What you may not know is about 70% of our population is senior citizens. Now the Lord has blessed me ever since I can remember with a love for senior citizens. I can’t explain it other than it […]

We Can Fix Remotely

We’ve been at this a long time. I actually worked for a company back in 2003 in San Diego that had about 60 techs operating 24/7. That was when ‘remote assistance’ was born. I’ve often joked that remote assistance is God’s gift to tech support because it’s very difficult to walk someone through a repair […]

Password Tips – A Must Read

It may seem like common sense but password safety still seems to be a prevalent issue in today’s digital world. I have friends on Facebook who get hacked all the time and ask myself why LOL. The one thing I hear all the time is that people forget complex passwords so they use ones easy […]

The Latest Virus E-mail Scam

Recently, I’ve been getting e-mails which look somewhat official and they all have the same disguise. It appears to come from one of the anti-virus companies and it is supposed to be an invoice; either paid or requesting payment. The intent is to get you to click on the attachment in order to infect your […]

What To Look For in a Reliable Computer Repair Service

When shopping for a computer repair service there are several things you should look for. And don’t settle for one until you feel comfortable that they meet the necessary requirements to fix your computer the right way. Doing so in a timely, honest and affordable fashion is the key. Do they have proven experience with […]