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Recently, I’ve been getting e-mails which look somewhat official and they all have the same disguise. It appears to come from one of the anti-virus companies and it is supposed to be an invoice; either paid or requesting payment. The intent is to get you to click on the attachment in order to infect your computer. Now I’m not sure what virus they are trying to get you with and hopefully you won’t find out. The age old adage is, when it comes to e-mails, if you have any doubt at all, don’t click on any attachments! If it appears to come from someone you know but you aren’t sure, wait until you talk to them first and then proceed.

I recently fixed a nice gentleman’s computer who seemed like he suffered from this very attack. It damaged his computer so bad, that the only fix was to restore his computer back to factory default. As a computer repair specialist, that is my very last resort because all files are lost. Sometimes, it is the only option though.

If you get one or multiple versions of these e-mails, report it as phishing or spam if you don’t have the first option. Block the sender if possible also. If you don’t have a good anti-virus, make sure you install one immediately. I use and recommend Avast because it works very well, is light weight so it doesn’t bog your computer down and you can run it in silent mode to cut down on distracting notifications to upsell you.

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