Senior Citizens Love Us!

Absolute Computer Repair is located in Athens, TN. We serve this entire area here in Southeast Tennessee. What you may not know is about 70% of our population is senior citizens. Now the Lord has blessed me ever since I can remember with a love for senior citizens. I can’t explain it other than it is a gift of God. I am very thankful and blessed my son has it too.

With that being said, we have quite a few clients who are in their golden years and, so far as we can perceive, they love us. Because we treat them with extra care and respect and our prices are better than any other computer repair place in this entire area. Let’s face it, technology has been in turbo advancement for the last few years and it’s hard for anyone of any age. Even for those of us who are tech savvy! So if you are a senior citizen or know someone who is and in need of computer repair, we can help. And you can trust we’ll take very good care of you.

Absolute Computer Repair appreciates your business and referrals! Call anytime: (423) 381-0925 EST and we do offer 24/7 Emergency Service at NO additional charge!