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When shopping for a computer repair service there are several things you should look for. And don’t settle for one until you feel comfortable that they meet the necessary requirements to fix your computer the right way. Doing so in a timely, honest and affordable fashion is the key.

  1. Do they have proven experience with references and specifically for your problem? I’m a software specialist myself and quick to tell potential clients who to go see for hardware issues that I trust to refer them to.
  2. What time frame do they expect to get your computer repair done? I generally have my clients computers back to them in 3 days or less. In most cases, 24 hours is my repair window.
  3. Is their pricing reasonable? Make sure you ask specific questions so you know exactly what you expect to pay without surprises. You know like that time you took your car in for a simple tune up and wound up with a new transmission.
  4. Do they seem trustworthy? No matter if all the above criteria is met to your satisfaction, if you get an uneasy feeling, walk away and keep shopping until you find the right one.
  5. Do they have positive reviews on Google and/or Facebook? Just because they don’t, does not mean they aren’t a good fit but it helps if they do. I don’t have a lot of reviews but I have a ton of references.

I once had a client who told me the most heart wrenching story about how a local “computer repair guru” promised to fix her broken laptop. The so called wonder boy if you will by his own confession. The laptop was the only place she had her pictures stored of her son who had passed away. This idiot reformatted her hard drive and put a pirated operating system on her laptop. I’m a man of considerable patience and not violent in any way but I wanted to punch that dude in the nose. The moral of the story is to do your due diligence because you are in control until you relinquish your computer into their control.